Swiss Private Investments and Holding of Assets

Liongate Capital AG is a Swiss private investments and holding company. The company creates high value based on its holdings and subsidiaries. In this way, the process of creating further value lays in the company´s investment philosophy. As the cycle of investments includes value generated from the company´s subsidiaries, a further development of value depends deeply on Liongate Capital´s investment objective and philosophy. Until today, the focus has been to develop and maintain subsidiaries that will provide financial services.

The objective of Liongate Capital AG is to act like a holding company. The purpose is to create value through high performing subsidiaries. The secondary value is created via further investments. This is the type of investments that will follow the company´s investment philosophy. In this way, creation of value is correlated to investments, both potential subsidiaries and secondary financial instruments.

How we create value

Investment Philosophy


We create value through services directed towards a proper audience. We detect the needs via market research. Thereafter, the company has frequent evaluations on when to enter the market with a new product. Any positive decision results in a new subsidiary hitting the market. Until today´s date the company has been focused on creating value in the financial service industry. Subsidiaries in the areas of fund management and wealth management has already seen the day of light, or is in its planning stages. Unique trading strategies is also of great interest to us. This represents a typical value that we like to include in our business development.

Projects and Swiss Private Investments

We maintain our project based on solid market research. In addition, the current projects and holdings are funded in the financial service industry. In this way we have detected certain needs in the market. These are needs we believe our company can solve better than others. Reporting, regulations and results are key factors in the financial services industry. Thus, we always seek to establish our subsidiaries in reputable jurisdictions. In this way, reporting and regulatory topics shall always be well taken care of. Additionally, achievement of result remain to be an important focus.

The company´s income stream is based on results. The results will always be generated by our subsidiaries. Liongate Capital AG doesn´t take any active part in the direct daily operations of the subsidiaries. Instead our focus is to build and maintain a solid fundament. A solid fundament includes securing the daily operations and bringing the products to the relevant audience.

Building Fund Management Services


Offering Asset Management Products


Alternative Investment Solutions


Building Consistent Trading Strategies


The basis for further investments are formed by the company´s income stream. Therefore, the private investment portfolio is created solely by funds and income streams to Liongate Capital AG. We expect any subordinated activity to provide a minimum of investment returns. In addition, we also expect any subsidiary to "live its own life" at any given breaking point. Liongate Capital will continue building its own private portfolio for both the close- and long term future. It will do so by investing in either direct ownership or available financial instruments.