Liongate Capital AG is founded as a Swiss holding company. Maintaining a set of high value subsidiaries is the primary focus of the company. In addition, performing private investments on the company´s assets is the secondary  objective. All private investments are made solely based on the company assets. In addition, they are following the internal investment philosophy of Liongate Capital AG. Due to the investment philosophy, the company can take market positions via ordinary financial instruments. It can also take direct ownership in other companies. Neither way, the philosophy will maintain a well balanced investment portfolio.

In this way, the company´s major objective is to maintain a set of well performing subsidiaries. The value, in form of dividends or other types of partner shares, is defined as income streams. Thus, the philosophy is to grow and strengthen the fundament of the structure. The benefit will therefore be to strengthen already existing subsidiaries, establish potential new subsidiaries and to strengthen the internal investment program of the company. The philosophy of the company is that each subsidiary shall receive sufficient founding capital in order to reach a breaking point for investment returns. Each subsidiary shall also maintain its own operational routines and organization. The way of organizing the structure therefore implies that Liongate Capital AG is mostly on the shareholder side of the operation.


Tore Herbert Hoff | Founder and CEO

Tore Herbert Hoff is the founder and CEO of Liongate Capital AG. He is also a professional financial trader and business executive. Tore H. Hoff has a goal oriented, analytical and winning mentality. The company was founded in 2019 with the objective of establishing a set of alternative investment services to the professional market. The organization via a Swiss holding company will create securization and consistency throughout the complete organization.

Tore Herbert Hoff has delivered alternative consultation services to the professional market for almost a decade. His education ranges from the grade as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science via his self learning abilities to become a professional trader. Tore Herbert Hoff has built profitable and consistent trading strategies in the Forex stop market. Thus, his strategies and trading systems has been provided to the professional market as consultancy services. He is also serving a set of retail clients via managed accounts.

Investor Relations and Debt Investing | Liongate Capital AG

The subsidiaries will be held, owned and maintained by Liongate Capital AG. However, the relevant jurisdiction might sometimes require another regime. If so, the company is responsible to place a relevant controlling entity, or person, in the structure. In this way, the shareholding is related only to the company. On the other hand the results provided from the subsidiaries is a key factor for our general operation. This is why Liongate Capital AG will let other investors take benefit of this by investing in issued debt.

The company has the possibility to use debt in order to establish additional subsidiaries or to rise additional capital for a project. In this way, participants will achieve an indirect ownership in the structure and a favorable return on their investment. The exact investment offering is available on request. Kindly contact the company for further details.