Liongate Capital AG isĀ  Swiss company limited by shares (PLC). Even if it categorized as a public limited company the shares are only sold over the counter and on the discretion of the current owners. The Liongate Capital investor relations can, in this sense, be related to the current distribution of shares and its dividends. The regime of holding shares of an AG (PLC) in Switzerland has changed newly. Type of bearer shares is a regime that is phasing out, while all shares must currently be registered. However, the ownership of any AG company is still not public information.

In this way, the beneficial company ownership is registered in Switzerland. The current owners represent the funding of the company. They also represent the creation of the business model. In this way, any wish or desire to buy shares directly into the company must be agreed directly with the current owners. Furthermore, the owners of the company is holding an annual general meeting. The annual meeting is again selecting the board of directors. The board of directors is public information available from the commercial register.

The Purpose of our Investor Relations

A clear and transparent view in front of related investors is of high priority. Therefore, it is the major focus of the Liongate Capital investor relations. In addition, the purpose is to maintain our standards as a Swiss holding company. The high standards of the Swiss company conduct is also both our obligation and goal. Our further purpose is to add value to our structure by quality and consistency. We will meet the expectations by the combination of our applied values.

Indirect Debt Investing

Liongate Capital is offering the possibility for an indirect participation. Participants will subscribe, and in this way take benefit from the total performance of the Liongate group.

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